Procurement of building and commercial plots in south-western Mallorca

Every year, the Balearic island attracts many new citizens who want to live here permanently or temporarily. The demand for living space is correspondingly high, but strict nature conservation regulations prevent Mallorca from being overbuilt. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult for developers, private investors and companies to obtain building land. In one sub-segment, Exclusiva Mallorca has specialised in promoting and realising new construction projects. With more than 25 years of market expertise, Mr. Volker Hunzelder is not only one of the most experienced estate agents on the island, but has also been able to establish himself in the construction industry. If you are looking for a property on Mallorca, you have come to the right place.

669 sqm
Ref. 9009 Sea view plot with ... 590.000 €
in Palma / San Agustin
Property no.: 9009
645 sqm
Ref. 9008 Sea view plot with ... 640.000 €
in Palma / San Agustin
Property no.: 9008
627 sqm
Ref. 9007 Sea view plot with ... 690.000 €
in Palma / San Agustin
Property no.: 9007
612 sqm
Ref. 9006 Sea view plot with ... 740.000 €
in Palma / San Agustin
Property no.: 9006
668 sqm
Ref. 9005 Sea view plot with ... 789.000 €
in Palma de Mallorca / San Agustin
Property no.: 9005
1.220 sqm
Building plot with sea view ... 915.000 €
in 07181 Calvià / Sol de Mallorca
Property no.: 9003
1.860 sqm
Building plot on a gentle sl ... 395.000 €
in 07184 Calvià / Cala Vinyes
Property no.: 9002
1.535 sqm
Sea view building plot with ... 2.490.000 €
in 07180 Calvià / Santa Ponça
Property no.: 9001

Development of building plots

Even in a sought-after market, it is always possible to buy a plot of land. The only question is what to do with it after the purchase. Spanish authorities' requirements are considered particularly strict in many respects, and anyone who does not comply with them or forgets important documents will suffer the consequences. For example, every building project must go through a comprehensive examination procedure before a permit is granted. We will clarify which details need to be taken into account during a personal consultation. During this consultation, we will show you the possibilities of buying a plot of land and introduce you to building land on Mallorca.

Construction according to legal principles

Santa Ponsa

Investors and developers usually know in advance what kind of residential or commercial development they have in mind. Larger investments are often multi-apartment buildings and residential complexes that are urgently needed due to high demand. We are happy to check the feasibility of projects in advance and identify suitable locations in the southwest of Mallorca. When exploring the market, we make sure that the development complies with current legislation and contact the relevant authorities. In this way, the framework of what is possible can be defined even before the purchase. If the planned project is compatible with nature conservation requirements and other regulations, the next steps follow. Especially if needed living space is to be built, there is more room for manoeuvre.

Economic and commercial plots for new development

The type of use of land is regulated by the authorities and is similar to German differentiation criteria. This applies, for example, to commercial and residential use. Land that was once used for agriculture can be released for residential development in exceptional cases. A demolition order as well as a change in the development plan can help to allow new residential developments to be built. We would be happy to listen around the market for you to see where buildings that are currently ready for demolition are for sale and to contact the owners and the authorities.

Build a house on Mallorca

If you are planning to build a single-family house as your primary residence or holiday home, this wish can also be fulfilled. However, it usually takes some time to find a suitable property. With the search request, you have the opportunity to commission Exclusiva Mallorca with the search and also benefit from our comprehensive service and consulting services.